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10 Reasons to Teach Hoop Dance

Hey Hoopers! So, you want to teach hoop dance but have no clue how to start? Here are 10 reasons why you might want to take a look at the Hoola Fit Teacher Training:

  1. Hoola-Fit is the only hula hoop fitness program in the country Approved by the American Council on Exercise (ACE is considered “the authority on fitness” and this is what helps you get in with gyms and studios, to teach your classes)
  2. By becoming a certified instructor, you’ll be able to share your passion for hooping on a much broader scale by inspiring people to live happier, healthier lives through the art form you love so much.
  3. You’ll receive a 100+ page teacher’s manual, which includes student handouts, move breakdowns, information on sourcing class locations, tools for teaching safe and effective classes, marketing support, and SO MUCH MORE.
  4. Hoola-Fit brings more than 10 years’ teaching experience to the training. It’s the brainchild of master hoop fitness instructors and entrepreneurs – Abby from Hoola Monsters (Florida’s first hoop company) and Casandra Bambolê Tanenbaum of Flow Fests
  5. Just because you’re a badass hooper doesn’t mean you’ll be a badass teacher, without instruction and guidance. Teaching is just as much of an art form as hooping itself and there’s A LOT to learn (We’ve been at it for more than a decade and still learn from our students every day). There’s a flow to teaching – just like there’s a flow to your personal practice.
  6. You’ll get to spend an entire weekend in sunny, St. Pete Florida, along with fellow hoopers who have a desire to Inspire, Motivate and Spread Joy by teaching hoop dance.
  7. The Hoola-Fit teacher certification program honors individuality, intuition and intrinsic knowhow for building and sustaining hoop dance instruction and deepening personal practice. In other words, we provide you with the tools and you get to make the classes authentic to you.
  8.  Watching your students learn, grow and evolve as hoop dancers is one of the most rewarding experiences ever! You know that sensation of nailing a move you’ve been working on for a long time? You get to experience that over and over again with your students, each time they have a breakthrough because of YOU.
  9. The Hoola-Fit program encourages students to progress at their own pace, to foster personal growth, creativity and exploration.
  10. Just for reading this article, you can save $50 on your enrollment fee with code “Inspire”
    Learn More and Enroll Here
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