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Monster Hoops™

Beginner Monster Hoops™ are heavier, more durable and easier to use than the hula hoops of your childhood. They’re wrapped with friction tape, so the hoop will actually “stick” to your body to help keep it spinning. As a result, people who have never been able to hula hoop are now experiencing instant success!

From beginner, on-body hoops to advanced level polypros, we take great pride in our handmade creations. With proper care, your Monster Hoop™ will last for years to come.


How to choose your hoop

Q: How do I know what size is right for me?
A: Hoop sizing is based on height, body type, skill level, and flow style. To find the diameter that’s best for your first beginner hoop, simply measure from the ground up (to your belly button for slender individuals and closer to the rib cage for full-figured adults).  This will be a great starter hoop, for those wanting to start off learning on-body foundational moves.  If off-body tech is your thing, we suggest going with a lighter weight hoop or polypro.

Q: Are your hoops weighted?
A: Yes and no. We do not put water, sand or beads in our hoops. Monster Hoops™ are constructed using 5 different types of tubing.  Some are heavier than others, and they serve different purposes as a result (please watch above video to learn more).  Our ‘Standard’ hoop is the heaviest variety we sell. On average, a standard Monster Hoop™ weighs between 1 and 1.5 lbs, and “heavier” does not mean “more calories burned.” You actually have to move faster with lighter hoops, which leads to a better cardio workout. Instead of internally weighing our hoops, we aim to evenly disburse the weight on the outside of the hoop by adding more grip tape. Internally weighted hoops skew the flow of the rotation, making smooth directional changes difficult. We also offer Mid Weight, Lightweight, and Polypro in both 3/4″ and 5/8.”

Custom Hoops

Choose your colors, design, order special sizes, and even personalize a hoop with your name on it! Small, light hoops are recommended for advanced hoopers and children, while extra large hoops can be made for very tall or full-figured individuals. Please contact us for a price quote or visit our ETSY shop.

Beginner Hula Hoops

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Polypro Hula Hoops

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For the Kiddos

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